About Rachelle 
Welcome to Food For Thought Nutrition and Dietetics, an online nutrition service that offers personalised evidence-based dietary advice to improve your physical health and mental wellbeing.


Dr Rachelle Opie (founder of Food For Thought Nutrition and Dietetics) is an Accredited Practising Dietitian and Accredited Nutritionist. Having worked in specialist units in both public and private hospitals, Rachelle brings advanced clinical experience in working with people with chronic diseases (e.g., cardiovascular diseases and diabetes), mental health conditions, pregnant women, and women in the postnatal period.


Rachelle also works as a research dietitian, to contribute to cutting edge research so that she remains at the forefront of nutrition knowledge, which has included her development of the modified Mediterranean diet ("ModiMed diet"). This diet has received widespread international interest after showing it can improve the mood and symptoms of adults with severe depression.


















Rachelle provides a personalised service that is sensitive and respectful of individual circumstances. A caring, non-judgmental and empathetic approach is the cornerstone of Rachelle’s nutrition consultations. As an expert in motivational interviewing, Rachelle uses practical strategies and motivation to support and assist you to make healthier food and lifestyle choices. Rachelle will help you develop a positive relationship with food, because she believes that healthy eating should be an enjoyable experience.

Specialty Areas 

Dr Rachelle Opie is a highly experienced dietitian with a particular passion and keen interest for working in the following nutrition related areas:


  • Mental health​

  • Chronic disease

    • for example, cardiovascular diseases (e.g., heart disease and stroke), and diabetes

  • Pregnancy

  • Postnatal nutrition

  • General lifestyle and healthy eating

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Nutrition Consultations

Rachelle offers nutrition consultations via telehealth (video-conferencing), to create a convenient service for you.




Rachelle designed and delivered the highly successful dietary intervention (“ModiMed diet”) used in the SMILES trial. The SMILES trial was the first study to test dietary improvement as a treatment for clinical depression.


Bachelor of Nutrition and Dietetics 


Bachelor of Science